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Our Mission

To ensure the promo industry has a better impact on people, the environment, and the economy.

Swag Fair has a triple effect: making brands, manufacturers, and end-consumers happier.

  • Brands win

    Unique, durable, and well-designed promo products last longer. More people talk about them, and they lengthen exposure, to your brand’s message.

  • Manufacturers win

    We provide small, local businesses with work and income that might otherwise have gone to overseas companies with non-transparent working conditions.

  • Consumers win

    More unique, durable, and functional products are more likely to be used and provide value to the end-customers.

Artiom Dashinsky is using his own laptop stand

Named one of the “Designers to Watch in 2020” in “Sustainability & Culture” by Adobe.

Our story

Hi, my name is Artiom Dashinsky, I’m the founder of Swag Fair based in Berlin, Germany.

During my career I led the product design of multiple products at startups, co-founded a tech startup, managed an agency and published an Amazon best-selling book about design.

Over more than a decade in the tech industry, I noticed how ineffective and wasteful the promo products are.

Combining this insight with my knowledge of sustainability, which I’m also teaching to others designers, was the key to making improvements.

The journey began with custom-branded laptop stands I produced with my parents. After selling several thousand to companies like Sketch, Samsung, and Cisco, I decided to expand this concept.

I connected small makers with brands looking for unique and high-quality products on which to put their logo, and this is how Swag Fair was born.

Reach me on Twitter or email.

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